Unlock the Secret to $0 Purchases: How to Get Your Favorite Products for Free at HeyyBox?

80 likes - $10 OFF Next Order
300 likes - $20 Cash Back
800 likes - $50 Cash Back / 1 Phone Case for Free
2,500 likes - 3 Phone Cases for Free
5,000 likes - Max $100 Cash Back + 2 Phone Cases for Free
10,000 likes - Max $200 Cash Back + SVIP (Gift Package X 12 Months)

Dates: March 15th, 2023 - April 30th, 2023 ( 10PM, EST)

How to enter:
Please share the event content and your video together on your social media.
Even content: $0 Purchase with Max $200 Money Back @HeyyBox @HeyyBoxCase #heyybox #heyyboxcase #heyyboxzeropurchase

How to win:
1. Send an email to service101@heyybox.com with the following info:
- A screenshot of your social media page
- Link to the Shared page
- Your order number (start with HB) / a screenshot of your order confirmation page.
2. Redeem corresponding rewards according to the likes in one post on one social platform, once for each order.

Event details:
1. Max Dollars Cash Back Rule: When the order amount is less than $100 ($200), the cashback will be based on the actual payment amount; when the order amount is greater than $100 ($200), the cashback will be up to $100 ($200). The order amount cannot be accumulated.
2. Blind box, clearance, and accessories do not participate in the activity.
3. Please contact us to redeem the rewards before the event deadline (April 30th, 2023)
4. The best video content will be distributed on our official platform.

**The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to HeyyBox.
Once cheating is discovered, you will be disqualified immediately.

March 21, 2023 — HeyyBox Official

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