In order to increase HeyyBox customers' purchase satisfactory, here we collected some of the most Asked Questions.

It will be used to resolve customer's issues Quickly and Save time.

For the Pre-sales FAQ, people mostly concerned are about the Shipping period and Case Sizes.

Q1: Do you have *** cases?

A1: Hi, HeyyBox sells cases including iPhone series and Samsung series cases.

Q2: Do you have MagSafe cases?

A2: Yes. HeyyBox sells iPhone MagSafe cases. In HeyyBox website, there are three series cases you can select: Led cases, MagSafe cases, and Compostable Fiber cases

Q3: Do do you customized cases?

A3: Yes. HeyyBox accept customized cases for your phone. Click here to get your customized cases.

Q4: How much of the shipping fees?

Q4: HeyyBox can will do worldwide free shipping. Free shipping is only for your order amount over $19.

Q5: How many days will it take to the US/ UK?

A5: Generally, it will take about 10-15 days to the US and 7-9 days to the UK. For the fast shipping to the US, it will take about 7-10 days.


For the After-sales FAQ, people mostly concerned are about the tracking info and some product issue.

Q6: Why my order hasn't been shipped out?

A6: It depends on the situation. Generally, the case will be shipped out within 3 days. For the special issue, for example, the iPhone 15 released, it will take about 10 days or more.

Q7: How do I track my order?

A7: You can put your tracking info here to track it.

Q8: How the case light up?

A8: The led cases will light up when there are sounds or vibrations. If you select the solid case, take the plug-in and then you can play some music to see if it lights. If you purchase the clear case, you can wear it on your phone and play some music to see it. At the bottom of the clear case, there is a sensor switch, click twice, the case will be on and vice versa. Only the clear case will be sent with a Free Magnet Charging Cable.

Q9: How often you will update your products?

A9: HeyyBox will update new products or new designs every week.





February 28, 2023 — HeyyBox Official

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