Why people like HeyyBox cases?
Here I collected some of their unique features.

  1. Unique Designs. Heyybox has many characters from some popular anime, which are very attractive.

  2. Led Cases. HeyyBox cases can light up. It is so amazing when you take such a case to take part in parties, you will be the brightest guy there.

  3.  Comprehensive Phone Case Models. HeyyBox has iPhone series cases and Samsung series cases. 

  4. Customize Cases. HeyyBox accepts customized cases for your phone and their designer will design the light area according to customers' requirement. 

  5. Professional Customer Service. HeyyBox has a very professional Customer Service team. They will resolve your problems promptly and quickly.

  6. Cases Styles. HeyyBox has two different styles of cases, the Black frame case and the Transparent frame case. Their transparent cases will send a free magnet cable. Check here for the differences between Black frame and Transparent frame cases.

  7. Huge Sales / Promo activities. Heyybox has its monthly activity and when there are big events, they also have some huge sales to celebrate. The largest sales were up to 40% off. 

  8. Many Influencers Suggest HeyyBox Cases. HeyyBox has been recommended by many popular celebrities. They use HeyyBox cases and it is very cool.

November 01, 2022 — HeyyBox Official

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