Hey!!! 😊

You've found a brand that cares deeply about its people, products, and most importantly: the people like you who make our jobs possible.

So before we tell our story, we want to say thank you. You (and others like you) are the lifeblood of businesses like ours. Without you, we simply wouldn't exist.

Thank you for your support.


Welcome to the new HeyyBox

Heyybox's new logo combines product features, user preferences, and brand values. With a fresh and lively style, you will remember HeyyBox at a glance. Also, we have done a lot of case studies and brand thinking to explain and understand the meaning and value of the brand in a subtractive way.

The shape of the Heyybox logo is like a message popping out, and this look incorporates Say" Hey"! The box contains the meaning of gift and surprise, so we added it to the pop-up message box. The three-dimensional shape combines colorful product features and the vision of HeyyBox becoming a diversified brand. Therefore, we decided to let the range of the three-dimensional surface by a combination of gradient colors, just like our customers - confidence, diversity, and self-expression. We believe that everyone is unique, you really shine by being yourself!

The design concept of the HeyyBox packaging is simple, eco-friendly, protective, and beautiful. Environmentally friendly kraft paper is used on the outside of the package. When you open the box, you will see the bright gradient yellow of the HeyyBox brand color. It's a new-age style, just like the birth of HeyyBox! Our designers present a new style - unique, modern, and distinctive new packaging through the colors; it also represents the intimate connection established between customers and HeyyBox. HeyyBox seems to have a simple appearance, but when you open it, it is like discovering your inner self, with a bright heart, rich emotions, and a unique personality. Surprising oneself is the greatest form of surprise.


Yo! Everyone!

Founder & CEO

Yo! I am Chelsea. I am the founder and CEO of HeyyBox. I graduated from Columbia University. I yearn for freedom and uniqueness, so I always travel around. I have a little cat - JOJO. He spent a lot of lonely time with me and he loves RV travel. I am a typical person who has double characters. I love spending time with my friends and going to raves and music festivals. At the same time, I kinda wanna escape the crowd, stay at home with JOJO and watch my favorite anime or play games alone. I don't like to follow the crowd, I like to do what I like and never care whether others agree with it or not. Go your own way and let others talk about it! My motto is: Follow your passion. My wish is that everyone can find something they love. Life is just a few decades, go ahead!

I want to make the best Phone case in the world, so I started HeyyBox in 2019. Julius is the first one who joined my team and always encourage me to chase my dream. My team quickly grew and over 20 artists joined us in the past year. It feels absolutely fantastic to work with a group of people who share the same belief and work together for our mission to make the best phone cases and deliver happiness to everyone in the world.

That little idea turned into something a lot bigger than I ever imagined! Thanks to the amazing team and artists, we now make beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of art every day.


Customer Happiness Manager

Hey guys, I'm Esther! I'm HeyyBox's Customer Happiness Manager! I like music. Playing the drums is my favorite pastime. I spend most of my time with my boyfriend and our two dogs, Charlie and Max. I'm more excited than ever to work with this amazing team toward an amazing mission! I can't wait to join you on this amazing mission!

Fulfillment Team Leader

Hey everyone, I'm Arya and I'm in charge of the fulfillment team at HeyyBox. I love playing games and I'm a big fan of Genshin. I've been working at HeyyBox for two years, which makes me can better balance my life and work. During my free time, I usually hold parties with my friends to play games together. However, in order to keep healthy, I'm forced to develop an outside hobby, which is camping. And now, I'm very happy to join this talented team and work with all the fantastic people. Hope things will go smoothly.

Marketing Manager

Hey everyone, I am Julius. I'm the marketing manager and also help the team with UI design at HeyyBox. I have been a marketing specialist for over 5 years since I graduated from University. I like drawing and designing things when I was little, it motivates me to self-taught a lot of knowledge such as 3D, dynamic, surreal clothing, and so on. I really appreciate the trust and opportunity HeyyBox gave me. I could do what I skilled in and it is also what I love at the same time. My mission is to spread out the great brand to the world.


HeyyBox, designer cases conceptualized by the most visionary artists in the world. You’re probably already a big fan of some HeyyBox artists, and we’re also excited to introduce you to new, up-and-coming artists who are pushing the boundaries of art.

The artists we work with are brilliant, talented creators who deserve our love and support! Also, we are supporting young creative people. Delivering us an original sketch, illustration, character concept, or any kind of art of your own, you will have an opportunity to join our artist community, make your creative dreams real, or be one of our featured artists. Please feel free to contact us service101@heyybox.com


We are excited about the future and are continually working on new product ideas. We can't wait to show you the new stuff we're working to launch and will tell you about it as soon as we make it perfect. Keep up with what we are doing - really and truly doing - on Facebook and Instagram.

Keep a close watch. Check back often. Bookmark us. Be one of the first to join our side, support the artist community and buy Phone cases and lots of other brilliant stuff! Find what you love, and we’ll deliver it to you, to the hand of your choice worldwide.