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I want to make the best-LED Phone case in the world, so I started HeyyBox in 2019.

That little idea turned into something a lot bigger then I ever imagined! Thanks to an amazing of people, we now make beautiful, one of a kind pieces of art every day.


HeyyBox, designer cases conceptualized by the most visionary artists in the world. You’re probably already a big fan of some HeyyBox artists, and we’re also excited to introduce you to new, up-and-coming artists who are pushing the boundaries of art.

The artists we work with are brilliant, talented creators who deserve our love and support! Also, we are supporting young creative people. Delivering us an original sketch, illustration, character concept, or any kind of art of your own, you will have an opportunity to join our artist community, make your creative dreams real, or be one of our featured artists.


We are excited about the future and are continually working on new product ideas. We can't wait to show you the new stuff we're working to launch and will tell you about it as soon as we make it perfect. Keep up with what we are doing - really and truly doing - on Facebook and Instagram.

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