Have you ever experienced a situation where you bought a case, but it turns yellow soon after?  

Will you use it again? Actually, a yellow cover is not good for you to carry. 
Imagine, you are taking an important interview. When the interviewer sees your yellow case, it may decrease the opportunity that you enter the company. Your first impression for the interviewer is good enough due to a Yellow case. That’s ridiculous! 

You may ask where I can get a case that will not fade or change to yellow?

Here HeyyBox clear cases.

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The clear case is the case with patent technology. It is only used in iPhone series cases.

The case can light up with sounds or vibrations. 

On the bottom of the case, there is a round button, click twice, the light will be on, and vice versa.

led phone case, anime phone case, light up phone case, anya case, light up case, anime case, led case,

HeyyBox will send you a magnet cable. When charge the phone, just use the cable.


anime phone case, led case, anime case, light up phone case, light up case, anime case,


Recently, HeyyBox is doing its January Promo activity.

Buy one case and get the next case 50% off. The promo activity is for the whole website.

Check HeyyBox Clear Combo Product here.

Want to know more Sales / Clearance info, click here.




January 12, 2023 — HeyyBox Official

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