Q1: Where can I find the sales info?

A1: Check our “sale”, there are three different Long-term sales methods.

  • Clearance - different phone models clearance with 56% off. 

  1. Original price: $44.99  VS  Now: $19.99.

  2. Pros: Cheap but fine quality

  3. Cons: Random cover

  •  Combo Sale - select within the limited cover designs, no limit on phone models.

          Bundle designs include: Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Demon Slayer,  and Jujutsu Kaisen

  1. Bundle 2 cases: $69.99

  2. Bundle 3 cases: $89.99

  3. Bundle 5 cases: $149.99

  4. Anime blind box with 3 cases: $89.99

  5. Anime blind box with 6 cases: $149.99

  6. Cyberpunk blind box with 3 cases: $89.99

  7. Cyberpunk blind box with 6 cases: $149.99

  • All Sale - most products with 22% off

Q2: Where can I find your recent discount info?

A2: When we have new sales, we will write the info on our banner. Check   the banner and know the recent new sales info and save money.

Here are several ways to know our new discount info:

First, when you come to our website, leave your email and we will contact and tell you the newest sale info through email every time.

Second, follow our social media, such as:

_@heyybox (Instagram)

_@heyybox (Facebook)

_@heyybox (YouTube)

_@heyybox (Twitter)

_@heyybox.case (TikTok)

We will update the latest sales info on those channels. Follow us, get the first-hand news.

    November 03, 2022 — HeyyBox Official

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