What is the Led Phone case?
Do you know there are two different versions of our Led Phone Cases? Let's say them solid frame (I) and clear frame (II).

What's the differences between these two styles? I will show you.

Basically, you need to know, what are version I and version II phone cases.

Solid Frame (I) phone cases:

  1. Version I has a charging port along with the case. It is easy for you to charge your phone without wearing off the case

  2. The print color is more brighter than Version II

  3. The different inner structure from II

  4. Black border make your phone more fashionable

Clear frame (II) phone cases:

  1.  Version II has a free-sent magnet cable. It is easy for you to charge your phone.

  2. Its four borders can also light up and the white borders will not fade to yellow.

  3. The different inner structure from I

  4. A sensor that can help you turn off the light. Click twice, the light will be on and vice versa.


Is that clear? If you still have problem about these two versions, welcome check our YouTube channel (HeyyBox) and TikTok (heyyboxcase).

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