Illuminate your phone & say Goodbye to the same boring phone cases! This light-up LED case will play a unique light show during activities, keeping you and your friends entertained for hours. There are two frames to choose from - Clear & Black.  

Creating a clear LED iPhone case that is protective, doesn’t turn yellow, has high-end art printed, flashing lights all around, and meets all our standards was not an easy task, but we did it.  After countless days and nights of R&D, we reimagined our smart LED case mold for iPhone with patent technology, which supports a sensor switch to turn the lights on/ off. Free magnetic cable makes charging even more accessible. Black frame cases are designed to be trendy, cute yet sturdy, this case protects your phone with 9H tempered glass & TPU bumpers. The black frame will gather the lights with extra brightness. The highly energy-efficient LED lighting only consumes 1% of the power.

Please be advised that we are currently using the iPhone 12 Pro as a sample model in the product images. There are over 20 sizes available for Apple devices. To ensure you receive the correct size, please choose from the dropdown menu when placing your order.