Filipino artist Lendl Dale is known as Heymoonly. He is working full-time as an illustrator and menswear designer. He is also known for doing Japanese Pop Surrealism in Digital Art. It all started with the love of Ramen noodles, then he became hooked on cyberpunk, anime, manga, Japanese fantasy folklore as well as the Ukiyo era.

A stable motto he always uses in his life is “You don’t need to be great to get started. You need to get started in order to be great”.

If someone would get a tattoo based on his art. That will be classic and dope.


Heymoonly Designs

cyberpunk case, led case, led iphone case, led case, japanese art, japanese style,1. Demon Hyped Geisha (iPhone & Samsung case)

Japanese case, Japanese led case, led case, led Samsung case, light up phone case, RGB case, 2. SPirit Kid LED (iPhone & Samsung case)

Demon Slayer, Nezuko led case, Nezuko case, Nezuko light up case, Nezuko RGB case, anime case, anime led case, anime light up case, Demon slayer led case,

3. Nezuko with moon Led Case (iPhone & Samsung case)

Japanese art case, anime led case, led case, led light up case, light up phone case, rgb case,

4. Akira 3rd LED Case (iPhone & Samsung case)

Japanese art case, led case, light up case, light up phone case, Samsung case, iPhone case, RGB case, led case,

5. Storms LED Case(iPhone & Samsung case)


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January 10, 2023 — HeyyBox Official

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