Nowadays, people's life can't go on without phones. Thus, phone cases is becoming more and more popular among phone market. A good case can not just protect their phone, but also can show people's personalities.

Thus, customizing cases is more and more popular.

Luckily, HeyyBox led phone case also accept customize cases. So, how to customize your case in HeyyBox?

1> Here are some instructions to help you find and customize your cases easily.

Step 1: Find the Customize page (in the Home Page)

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Step 2: Follow the Instructions:
  • make sure how many cases you’d like to customize

  • choose your phone brand / phone model

  • upload the file that you’d like to customize

  • leave a note for the light up area (so that HeyyBox designer will design the light area for you)

  • check out and wait for the delivery

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2> However, which photo or image that can fit my phone?

  • Your personal photo or your pet. Customizing a photo of yourself or your pet is a good way. You can show other people your character through the case, such as you are a confident person, you are kind, you love animals, and you love life, etc.

  • Your sweet couple photos. If you are single, please ignore me. If you are a couple, you can customize your sweet photos here and make a couple cases. Love is forever.

  • Your friends or family photo. It is good to customize your friends or family photos. When people first see your case, he/ she will think you have a good relationship and a harmonious family. It is good for you to search for jobs or do some social activities.

  • Your favorite characters in anime, animation, or game, etc. We all need a place to place our heart or to hide ourselves or to find identity. Customizing your favorite character on the case is a good way to find your friends who have common interests with you.

  • Your favorite art work. Some simple or complicated artworks are welcomed. They are good sketches to customize. 

December 28, 2022 — HeyyBox Official

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