Why there are so many cosplayers take HeyyBox light up case?




Is there a difference between HeyyBox led case and other companies led case?

When you open HeyyBox Instagram, you'll find there are so many celebrities who help HeyyBox do promos. But why?

Some people would say, "they got paid."

Actually, they didn't. The reason is really simple_ they love HeyyBox cases not just the appearance of it, but aslo the function and the spirit behind the brand.

If you know HeyyBox, you will be awared of that it is a company that mainly sells anime led covers. If you know more about HeyyBox, you'll say, "oh, yes, those anime characters are designed by their featured artists. HeyyBox got their permission. It is quite a good company. They respect other people's copyright. Nice job."

As to the spirit, what's HeyyBox spirit?

Maybe you will find the answer under HeyyBox CEO_Chelsea Talk Show

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December 20, 2022 — HeyyBox Official

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