• Take off your old case, and wear your new case here

  • At the bottom of the case, there is a plugin. Put the plugin into the charging hole, your case will light up when there is sound or vibration

  • When you want to charge your phone, take off the plugin instead of your personal charging cable data, and charge it



 For clear frame led phone cases

  • Align the charging port of the phone case with the Lighting port,fit the bottom of the phone into the case.

  • Press the other end of the phone down into the case. You are done!

  • The sensor device on the back of the phone case is located 2.5 cm up from the bottom, about a thumb’s distance. Double-tap to turn it on or off. Step

  • Connect the data cable to the phone case interface, the charging is successful!

November 03, 2022 — HeyyBox Official

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